How much is this worth?


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It's been a minute...more like 1,814,240 to be precise. It's nice to come back and see familiar names.
I've splattered my Z50 K1 all over my garage to figure out where I left off 3.5 years ago. I've got orders in for the parts I need to make this bike a runner. I did a thorough scrubbing of all the grime and dirt on the outside of the tank. It cleaned up ok but my joy didn't last long - I put a few gulps of fuel in then watched in disgust as it weeped steadily out of the front seam. It endured plenty of abuse from the previous owner banging against the frame - the front tank frame tabs were broken off, a bungee cord was holding it in place and no rubber frame pad under it when I bought the bike, so I shouldn't be surprised. I'm intending to replace the tank rather than repair it for now. I'll try paintless dent repair, a torch to help bend the front tab collars back into correct shape, an evaporust bath, and POR-15 to stop leaks and seal the inside once I feel confident that I can do it.:rolleyes: