How to test your CT90 Rectifier

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    Great write up. Very good explanations and pictures. However, I tend towards a simpler method. With the bike running at around half throttle, I test for the presence of AC voltage at the battery posts. Much more than about .1 to .2 volts AC (a tiny amount) means that one or more of the diodes in the bridge rectifier is leaky and passing AC to the battery - not good for the battery. Time to change the rectifier to the flat square type with the four post blades in your post. The trouble with my method here is that cheap, autoranging multimeters often display confusing results with small amounts of AC.

    For pennies extra cost, I usually go with the 1000 volt peak inverse voltage rectifiers. There is absolutely nothing coming out of a 90 CC Honda stator that can harm a 1000 PIV rectifier. It'll just laugh.

    Your test is certainly more thorough than mine but I'm the lazy type . . .


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