Injured while riding today...........

While riding my HKO this AM I hit a wasp and it stung my upper lip.
Long story short, lip swelled to 3 times my regular size. Took 3 Benadryl and used some ice on the lip. After the nap,:28:... lip is coming down nicely.
Moral of the story, probably need to wear a face shield instead of a open helmet. Just thought I would share a NOW funny Minitrail riding story.:eek:


PS. Bike is fine tho, never did wipe out.:40:


Sorry for laughing, got to have pictures! I know if the tables were turned you'd be asking for them from me. Glad all is well.


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brian sounds like you had a free botox! glad you kept the shiney side up.i just bought a nice arai quantum/f for goes for 500 in the bike was used two times maybe,not a scratch and all the stickers in it are showroom new.i love it.
Got the box on Friday Zack.
Very nice air cleaner thanks!
Haven't got any pics of it on the bike yet,
but will post some when I can.



lol. i had a funny story too.
i was working on my 2 xr100r's and well i had the 1986 close to starting but it had the seat off and had just filled the tank. idk how but i didn't notice gas had spilled and pooled below the tank in the frame and when i tipped it on its side to check the airbox ect. some had went into the aibox and the surronding areas. the thing about these is the boot is longish so the gas didnt fully enter the carb..... i went to kick it. boom! i had my own fireworks under my butt the engine backfired through the carb lit the ramaining residue ect. and my butt had 4 foot flames under it AAHHH! i jumped up fell down looked over and as comedy has it the only thing near was lemonaid lol i didnt think and threw it on the flames died... a very small bit and grew..... i ran up to the garage and got an extinquisher. there was no real damage luckily to the outside... the gaskets ect are prob toast. morale.... yeah sure it makes you feel better to say it wil start and run with just a carb cleaning:drum:.. but your pants are on fire.

dennis d

Luckily it was your lip and not your eye,WOW.My ex wife was allergic to wasp stings,when she would get stung her whole face would swell up.This reminds me when i was younger i was riding my dirt bike through the woods and as i came around the corner of a trail i ran right into a giant spider web that was across the trail.When i got stopped there was a spider about 4 in. in diameter on my helmet right above my left eye.Luckily i was able to slowly remove my helmet without getting bit/stung but it scared the HELL out of me.


hope your lip gets better though. allergies are not fun. lol norm on the street you have to deal with angry drivers and even dogs now you deal with angry bees and spiders too! what next? angry birds? snakes?:kev:this little emote face scares me it only shows up when my son is acting loopy.
Wrong pic sorry....


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