K1 - K2 - K3 signals and fork ears


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Recieved an email this morning - asking for the signals / perches and stuff for a 73 or so .
I have this 73 early sorry have not got serials at this moment .
The fork ears are capable of the usual additional lighting .
I just figured it was early and didn't get them bit was ready up Or

did a customer get 25-30 $ off and never had them installed yet -

Did they come needing installed

So can we have a discussion on K1 - K2 introduction of lighting and any simple changes on K2- K3 - K4


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K0-K2 did not have signals, except for the DAX models. In the U.S. they weren't mandatory until the '74model year(K3). "72K1/HK1 was the last year for the red high beam lens in the speedo.


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K2s are the same as K3s except...
K2s have different decals and badges.
K2s have chrome HL ears with NO signal mounting holes.
K2s have the same bars and switches, but K2 bars have NO mirror mount holes in the perches.
K2s have the same wire harness and switches as K3s, but they did not come with signals or stalks, no mirrors either.
I think K2s even came with the turn signal indicator light installed
I'm not sure about the seats or speedos tho.
And I'm not sure if some of the earliest K2s MIGHT have come with K1 type handlebars.

K3s came with the signals and stalks, and mounting holes in the HL ears and in both perches.
Midway thru k3 production, they eliminated the left side perch, but replaced it with a small...funny little mirror mounting perch, on the left bar.
The right bar changed at the same time, and was made to accommodate a new style front brake light switch...that mounted into the perch, and is actuated by the front brake lever.
As best I know...ALL K3s came with turn signals installed.

That's all that I can, confidently, say I know.

Some more fyi...
K0, K1, and K2 ALL had different versions...model specific, handlebars.
K3s had 2 different sets of model specific handlebars.
K4-78 all used the same...K4-78 bars.

If your vin # says you have a K3, then it should have turn signals.