Kawasaki g5 100 build

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    1032ABAA-7319-4534-B4C3-1130A0AA041F.jpeg 46EF73F9-DFA2-4448-91AF-09060291C5C0.jpeg 02BD3A37-DBEC-4667-8E90-C0AE8230EF82.jpeg D08CA5F6-DDAC-4EEC-96A7-1B77CCB22445.jpeg D9F6601F-F3A8-4B2E-82E7-22C295FD1DC9.jpeg 2CCDF2F7-191D-431C-9B86-635944AC97AB.jpeg 1A5E90D8-D35B-4561-8A5B-520446C13E8D.jpeg 17F34827-091D-4BBC-895A-5B5736E9F0FE.jpeg 3661F612-CBDF-4AE4-B6AB-B34819159A2E.jpeg C3E45378-E76C-4685-BF21-8411364EF83E.jpeg Building a Kawasaki G5 100 1974 for a buddy of mine .After building two CT 70s no challenge anymore,I like the 125 piranha compared to stock 74. Nothing was rechromed and all hardware was just cleaned up bike is from Durango Colorado, Sonoran desert is great for painting carport doubles as a spray booth water down the crushed stone shoot paint early in the morning no wind, no bugs,Racer xyz says you always have to color sand ,I know my spray gun better I don't have too,lol. Picture of completed bike is what it will look like.
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