Leaking air from the head


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There 2 o rings on this parts diagram that I put on and now this head has a leakat the metal gasket. Any idea if they are needed or what I did wrong ? They are in the right spots. Not sure why it would be leaking. Heads not warped. Or uneven.


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WHY, did you put the orings on?
Did you have the head off for some reason?
Did you have a reason to remove the head?
Did you rebuild the engine?
Did you buy the correct parts from Honda?
Do you have a reason to think the orings are causing the leak?

We need more info. We'll take all you're willing to share.


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Parts diagram says they go there. I completely split the cases, redid the gaskets, fixed the shifter forks, all that stuff. But I'm wondering if there are of any significance, I personally am not seeing one.


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need to know the serial number so we can get a year, some years take both oring some years don't from what i saw in videos


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Ok so... I got the bike running. Yahoo! But...is just pouring out oil from the front sprocket seal while running. Wrong gasket on case perhaps?? This was a cheap gasket kit so I'm wondering about the exact match on that side of the case. It looks like the seal for the sprocket is wet.