Lifan 125 in CT90 Update-2

Discussion in 'Lifan' started by Goob, Jan 12, 2021 at 7:36 PM.

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    Dec 26, 2020
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    OK. Just tested out my Lifan 125 with a Mikuni VM26-606, the stock Lifan intake, and the "quiet" pit bike exhaust from TboltUSA. It is performing as I wanted. I did a stock CT110 intake and exhaust with a VM20-273 before. That combo gave me a 90 cc type of performance. I had 45 mph tops with a 17/45 sprocket combo. A VM22-133 may have been better, but I already had the 26 from my other bike to try out. The new carb, intake, and exhaust get me 55+. I am very happy. I just thought that matching the carb to the intake port, and exhaust to exhaust port, would be better, and I think I was correct.

    new exhaust-1.jpg Carb 1-6-2021.jpg
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