Looking for a trade. CL70 stuff for CT70

Discussion in 'Wanted/Looking For' started by fatcaaat, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Aug 1, 2007
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    Hey everyone. I have been waffling now for at least 4 months and have arrived at wanting to do another CT instead of the CL i've been getting parts for. So, I'm looking for something to get me going...frame, tank, latch, odds and end bits that attach to the frame. I don't need forks, wheels, bars. The only caveat is that the frame needs to be good and not dented up.

    I'd prefer trading out stuff for it...I have a CL70 frame, swinger, and shocks, and a custom pipe fabbed up from a norton commando reverse cone original. I have an awesome xl125 tank and cafe tracker seat that could be made to work if you want a project that's different from your standard CL70. I can sweeten the deal with odds and ends I have laying around...I do have xl125 wheels, forks, and an engine if you're looking for something really different!

    Anyway, if not interested in the trade, I'd still be interested in a package of stuff to get me going. Minimally I need the frame, tank, tank bracket, seat latch and wouldn't mind a crash guard and spark plug guard.
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    Sounds like you should be talking to Kirrbby. His storage shed needs cleaning and I've seen a number of frames there.

  4. kirrbby

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    Fatcaaat, I have frames from $25-200 that are not dented up.
    A lot of K0 frames. Some with issues...missing tabs, brackets, mounting points, missing Vin tag, bent foot break stud, ugly paint, rust...

    Same question I always ask...
    Are you looking for nice and expensive, or cheap but rusty??

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