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    I have a what visually is a Candy Yellow Special CT70K1. The black tag on the steering neck reads 9/71 and the frame VIN is CT70-2013XXX. Everything I've read indicates it is a 1972. However, the engine VIN is CT70E-213XXX. I'm the fourth owner and I know owners two and three and they have not done any major modification other than regular maintenance dating back to probably the early 90's. The California Title says that is a 1973 model year. Any insight why it would be listed as a 1973?
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    The original owner most likely purchased it as a leftover in 1973. Dealers used to get away with putting whatever year it is at the time of the sale, on the title of the early letter/number K model CT70's.
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    If I recall on the K1's to tell if the engine is matching the frame you drop the 2nd digit (0) out of the frame number and if they are within 400 or so its probably the original. Also if it has the neutral switch behind the flywheel cover, K0's didn't have neutral light, and if it has a cam chain tensioner jam bolt/nut just below the flywheel behind the rubber on the shifter also makes it a K1 and newer motor and not a K0.
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