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Liquidating my motors. Heres what i have. Edit..adding for details.

Full rebuilt sl70 motor 1000. This is a full teardown, inspect, vapor hone, rebuild. Anything needing replacement, was. All wear parts replaced. Stator rebuilt to be plug n play to a ct70 harness. Engine only, no carb and intake. Has an 88 kit on top. side cover included. Head fully refurbished.

Fully rebuilt sl70 hodgepodge (has s65 and sl70 parts) 750. This is full teardown, inspect, vapor hone, rebuild. This one was torn down at the same time as an S65. It has the s65 transmission and kicker in it, and the rest is sl70. The stator was not rebuilt on this one. No side cover. 88 kit on it. Head fully refurbished.

Fully rebuilt honda 3 speed auto cdi 600 - This one is a 81cc kit I believe. Full teardown, vapor hone, inspect. Everything that needed replaced was. It's got an xr50 transmission and kicker with trx70 cases and clutch setup. TRX70 rebuilt head. xr50 crank with CDI stator with lighting coil.

Honda nice core turns over with compression and shifts 850 - I have two of these and will be selling one of them. I don't know anything about either one of them other than they turn over, shift, and have some compression. Last two I purchased actually ran, but ran poorly. I didn't try these at all. Figure they need rebuild. I can direct you on where to get all the parts you need.

Fully rebuilt nice with a 52mm bore kit. Currently in one of my bikes and runs excellent. Motor only 2000. Needs nothing and is mount and go ready. It tops out around 70mph. I am pulling this motor out of the bike to replace it with a built up DOHC version only because I want to, not because I need to.

Buyer pays shipping from 22039. Pickup welcome!


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Hello everyone. Still have the 4 speeds, the Nice, and the rebuildable nice core available. Three speed auto is gone. If anyone is interested, happy to talk live. I'm going to be liquidating the remainder of my stock piles other than enough parts to build one more bike with my daughter. I may post the stuff up or just take it to the swap in january and unload it for cheap. It's time to move on from building and more time for enjoying them for me.