New to me CT 110, has a couple issues

Took a couple minute break cause those forks really had me wondering. Checked under the boots and the right side looked worn but fine still, the left side had some rust and was definitely leaking. I pulled the bolts out of the top and the right one was filled to the top with oil. If I pressed down the forks would actually move and oil shot out of the right hand side! Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to use the left side shaft cause it's pretty bad. Does anyone know if the $80 chinese shocks on ebay are any good? I was thinking of getting a set and putting the new shafts and seals into my original housings so they'll match the bike
Working on the CT 110 again now, I tried adjusting the clutch with no luck, so I pulled the right side cover off. The star washer thing someone mentioned isn't loose at all so I pulled apart the clutch. I can't say for sure that's the problem but there is some light surface rust in places and metal dust inside it, plus it smells pretty burnt so I'm assuming it's A problem but it might not be THE problem
Ok, got it all back together and still the same issue shifting. It doesn't slip nearly as bad under acceleration though, so that's slightly better. Is there any adjustment on the opposite side?
Got it! Turns out 2 of the clutch plates were swapped from a previous clutch job, I had put them back in the same order without checking the manual, but after checking the manual it's back together and shifting nicely. Now I have to locate an OEM carb for it cause the Chinese one is acting up, and I'm going to be ordering new suspension front and rear. Tires are also going to be going on and I'll be replacing a couple missing spokes in the rear


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I don’t know about the Chinese forks but dratv has new ones on his website that I have used and worked perfectly.
Just finished up my CT 110 last night and pressure washed most of the gunk off this morning. Cleaned up nice, and I'm happy with it! Last thing to do is rejet the carb because I got one off an ATC 110. Same carb, just different jetting.