Painting Cylinder?


I would like to repaint my cylinder for my 70. Would it be wise to get it sand blasted then spray paint the outside only with high heat primer then high heat glossy? I also plan on getting it reboard for a new piston.


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Sandblasting or media blasting would be fine. Follow that up with a good degreasing. I think you will be fine with just the high temp gloss black, that is what I used.


It should be cleaned first, then bored, then painted. The people who bore it should do the cleaning for you, the things I've had machined before were always cleaned before they did any machining, if the items needed it of course. You will need to clean it well after the machining is done too. As far as primer goes, I've never used heat primer and I haven't had any problems with the dozens of parts I've painted, the heat paint sticks just fine. Thats my 2cents2.gif :4:


when you say high temp are we talking 500 degree engine paint or 1200 degree header paint? I don't think I have seen gloss in the 1200 stuff.