Post your Honda Z50 Pictures here.


Our "new" 71 K2

The smile says it all.


It's a pretty rough, mostly complete 71 that starts easily and runs well. I'm currently researching and making restoration plans for this little guy.

After five years in my storage and another grandson ready to learn. I dragged it out, pulled the plug, shot some oil and cycled it over a few times, rebuilt the carb, cleaned tank, new fuel line, rebuilt the shut-off valve. Back together and on third kick it fired and purred. Shut it down, drained oil, then on to oil screen just to make sure. Isn't real purdy, but is still an original rider.

Thanks, Scott. I didn't want to break it out until I was sure they could understand the conditions and consequences when it came to riding it. Wife's sisters and brothers learned on it as did my daughters, so now on to another generation of riders.

For an original rider, I don't think you could get much better, looks great to me.
I hope the grand kids have a blast.
Here's a Z50AK0 1974 that I just recently picked up from the Northern plains of the US. It's not running yet but I hope to have her on the trails soon.


Here is my first z 50 I bought 8 years ago. Never ran very good, so displayed it up until a few days ago. Got a re pop tank off ebay and did some carb work and low and behold it runs nicely! Not the punch as some of my others but it does well. 20150626_173040_zpsytvl8kxy.jpg 20150626_173055_zpsce8yhzoe.jpg
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Jay Bird13

Looks like it's in pretty good shape. How does it run, ride, sound, ect,?

Sorry I am so slow to respond, CJ.

It's in pretty fair shape. A dent in fuel tank is a downer. Has wrong year's exhaust, not that big of a deal. At least not to me at the time, lol. Runs pretty fair now that I got the bad gas cleaned up in carb, and tank. Probably go towards upgraded suspension if I lean towards resto-mod. Unless I realize a benefit to staying more original, from some one qualified here, it'll more than likely end up a resto-mod variant. But I am not certain.
I really was not looking for a Z-50 but it just came to be. Kinda funny how I ended up with it, though. I guess the family that used to have a Honda dealership in town years ago, heard about my blue 70 entry in the downtown cruise the night before the Route 66 car show. Word got back to me that he'd like to see it, so rode it out by their farm one day. After a lil visit, he mentioned a bike he had an old bike in his barn. Few months dn the road it came to be... Funny how it goes sometimes.
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Man, some of those restored bikes are awesome!!! Correction: ALL of those restored bikes are awesome!!! LOL. I should post shots of my FrankenBike here, but Ol' Tex, the Jurassic Desktop Computer, has been giving me grief lately. Meh, the shots are in my Projects/Builds thread, so no worries. Seeing all those primo bikes makes me wonder: does anyone else here name his or her bike(s)? My boat is named "HEART OF DIXIE" because she once sported a Confederate Flag on her hull and mainsail, but I call my modified Z by the name "THOR"---short for "THrasher, OffRoad" (LOL). Also, when I work on the bike and it gives me trouble, there's usually a hammer involved in short order, 10-4??? Of course, when I'm in the field and the bike craps out on me for whatever reason, it gets called by various profane nouns & modifiers... out of respect for parents and children, I won't repeat those terms in this family forum, LOL. :red70: