PZ19 Jetting for TB88cc


Hello gents.

I have recently purchased a china PZ19 that I wanted to test on my CT70 88cc as an alternative to the Sheng wey PZ20 that came with it.

I found my sheng wey carb ran best with a #90 main jet in it.

I have disassembled this PZ19 and found no numbers on either of the jets. Using precision Pin gages I found the main jet to have a diameter of 0.029" which from a chart I found translates out to a #78.

Before I even bother strapping this thing on my bike I was just curious where the rough point is for 88cc kits with this carb. the 78 seems a bit light when I was using a 90 on the PZ20.

I know a few of you guys really like those PZ19s as an alternative to sheng wey so I figured I'd give it a try. hope they chime in.


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I've used THIS Mikuni-clone 19mm carb on a few 88cc engine builds, right out of the box with the #80 main and #15 pilot jets. Only needed a little fine-tuning of the fuel and idle screws and a UNI pod filter.


#80 Mikuni appears to be the same as a #78 Keihin so thats a good start! what kind of top speed were you pulling off that?


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I ran the factory jetting right out of the box. Can't go by the numbers on the jets when using different carbs. Stock carbs have lower jet numbers.