FOR SALE Rebuilt xr70 with 88 kit fs


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Im continuing to sell off my spares to reduce triggering the need to build. At this point im selling off items originally intended to be used by me but doing what i can to clean it out.

This is a honda xr70 bottom mated with a dratv 88 aluminum cylinder, japanese piston, and ct70 head with mild cam. Was completely redone top to bottom. Proper dome and deck on the piston for the head swap. Has trailbikes intake and boot and a d-slide carb which looks like a keihen copy with a set of jets. Bench fired only with a different carb. You will need to either wrap the stator for lights or swap it as the xr70 didn’t have lights. Obviously this is a cdi motor so you need to do the needful. I can include a coil, rectifier, and cdi box to run it. Dratv and ebay has the subharness to go to your existing harness for about $10.

Gear this at 16 or 17t front and keep your 35 rear and you should have a 50-55mph bike depending on your weight.

$600 plus ship.


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