Reclaimed S90


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On the S90, the signals mount on the fender. There is a small blister spot welded to the fender that contains a captured nut that receives an 6mm fastener holding the stalk.

Signals don't terrify me, politicians do.
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Completed the rear signal mounting. I have to wait for some 3/8" steel tubing to arrive before I attempt the front mounts. Here's a couple of pictures. I ran a 5 volt power supply to the lights to check continuity and to make sure everything is working properly.





Why not use LED "ring" turn signals that encircle each side of the front forks instead of installing those stalks?? Minimalist, and inexpensive.


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They come in a 6 volt version? Even if they do, I kind of shun $100 for a pair. I paid $19 for four lights.


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Fitting the mud guard to the rear fender caused some damage. I had to redo some body work and refinish the area. I wondered if the paint blend would come out okay and it did. Here are a couple of pictures.





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I fabricated the front signal stalks and painted and installed them on the bike along with some parts for the handlebars. Crawling along with this resto.




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I have a set of shocks for a future S90 project that Scooter rebuilt, but one lower case was punctured and the chrome plating was shot. It required some body work, so the surface was not something you could have plated. I used some "chrome" trim sheet for model planes that has an adhesive backing and I covered the case with that. Then I hit it with urethane clear. This is the result.




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Since I have installed signals, I needed a speedometer with an indicator lamp. I decided to use a CT90 speedo with four bulbs and three indicators. What I did was modify an overlay with the S90 gear sweeps. As long as I was at it, I changed the color of the face and added a personal touch to the area on the surround that contained the previous "Nippondenso" name plate. Here's the result.



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Digging into a low mileage Nippon Seiki S90 speedometer (one of the nicest used ones I've seen), I came across this version of securing the odometer barrel to the chassis that I haven't previously observed when disassembling speedometers. Pretty straight forward without making someone jump through hoops to extricate the barrel from the assembly. The screw-secured plate keeps the barrel shaft in place. Anyone seen this before?



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The real world stepped in and prevented some Honda work. I found some time to disassemble a nasty Denso speedometer that I got for cheap on Ebay. Not working, with a bouncing needle that wouldn't drop to zero and looking like it was submerged for a period of time, I figured what the heck, let's see if this thing has any life in it. I pulled it apart, soaked the guts with PB Blaster, cleaned and lubricated it and replaced the white surround because of a rust-through issue. Got it to work and hooked it up to my S90, checking with a GPS on my phone. Looks good to go.


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