S90 Rear Wheel Swap


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Hi Everyone,
I came up on a lil S90 that missing a few things like a rear wheel. It's not quite a cub but reading up it seams like the wheels are the same? Or so says CMSNL. Looking at ebay I am not finding complete hubs. Buying individual parts will cost more to rebuild the hub on shipping cost alone that I paid for the bike. I am not trying to create a restoration bike just a function one. Was maybe going to make it a trail bike. Has anyone swapped the rear wheel for something contemporary? What are my options here? Are there decent vendors online for aftermarket parts?

I have done an SL70 lifan swap and restored a CT90 so I am not too new to these smaller bikes.

Hit me with some links and goofy inspo shit.

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Your S90 is almost identical to a CL90, which may help your search. You need an 18" wheel, while the CT90's are 17's as well as on the cubs. You could make a 17 work, which will be cheaper and easier to find. I've seen CL90 wheels with tires for under $100 on ebay. Later small Hondas like CB125's also used 18" rims and you could probably make anything work if you put your mind to it. Good luck, my CL is my favorite ride.