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    Picked up this little Jewel and had a few questions for the experts. Serial # on frame came back as a 1969 and the engine # is 100 off. I assume that this is an original match would you agree? Also, what characteristics/parts are unique to the “Silver Tag”? Does a designation of “Silver Tag” add any value? Thanks in advance for sharing any knowledge!

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    This is one of those things that gets discussed a lot. IMOH if you don't have paperwork you cannot be 100% sure. But yours probably is. My black tag 9-69 built bike is 5559 different and I have the paperwork. I have also seen paperwork from the same dealer on a '71- it is 17,674 difference. There is no rime or reason on how the engines were delivered to the production line and how they were mated to frames pulled out of a pile. You should get this-
    In it he describes the above and goes through silver vs black tags. People like the silver tags but in practice Jeremy states more silver tags were built than black ones.
    If you look on the inside of the frame on the back side of the serial number there will be a code if chain derailment has not torn it up. It will tell you the date it was built. Same with the tank even though it's obviously not the original one - it's under the rubber pad for rear tank mount. Post them up if you can find them,here is my tank- 69 tank.JPG 08 28 of 69 for a 9-69 build
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