stator plate sealant not o rings

Discussion in 'Tech Area' started by Tripod, Nov 9, 2018.

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    After a deep cleaning of my stator plate the sealant that covers up the screws came off. This sealant normally covers up all the small screws that hold the wire loom, lighting coil, points coil, condenser, etc. What kind of sealant can I use that will hold up against motor oil? Just regular silicone?
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    Think your going to have to go with something like this so that you coat the threads of the fastener,you'll have to remove it clean the screw and threads with something like contact or brake cleaner coat the threads and reinstall. Silicone can come off and clog an oil passage.There is no place on these engines that it should be used IMOH.
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    Honda used sealer just as Tripod noted. I've always been somewhat skeptical of this method, too. OTOH, consider Honda reliability. Not really sure that this sealer is necessary, or not. It's a head-scratcher all the way around. I like the thread sealer method, too. It seems more sound.

    That said, if one wants to replicate the OEM sealing, conventional silicone RTV is not the way to go. IDK what was used back in the day. Polymer technology has progressed by light-years since then. The original sealant probably isn't legal to manufacture at this late date. It wasn't perfect, either. I've used Seal-All on automotive gas tank fittings, never had a was applied to the outside of the tank. IOW, there's no guarantee how it will withstand heat and oil immersion. Best suggestion would be the automotive sealant that is used in place of timing cover and oil pan gaskets, by the automakers...on the assembly line.
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    I use this on my boats alum tank. The cover that holds the fuel qty sending unit. Steel screws going into aluminum threads. I coat the screw threads with this stuff.

    I agree about never using silicone. I use honda bond or yamaha 4 if really need to use anything. I put it on paper thin, so thin its almost not even visible. I use it to adhere the clutch cover gasket to the clutch cover. Then silicone grease the inner surface. That way I pop the clutch cover off many times and not scrape gaskets or replace gasket. But you have to be careful around that opening that leads to the head. can plug up that tiny oil hole if your not careful
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