Stiff Shifting into Neutral

Discussion in 'General' started by whereshaldo, Mar 27, 2018.

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    I've got an 81 C70 that in almost all respects runs perfectly. The one issue I struggle with is that about 40% of the time, the bike really doesn't want to downshift into neutral. I either have to really mash it much harder than I should , or i have to toggle into first (or a half-shift) and then back to neutral. When it does work properly, the shifting into neutral is effortless. Riding around, shifting is all but effortless.

    Any ideas? Is this a clutch issue (I don't think so), a linkage issue, or something else?


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    These transmissions (all of them) can cop an attitude about going into neutral, especially when hot. The semi-automatics are the most challenging. I start with the clutch preload adjustment. My preference is right on the ragged edge of slippage...which must be respected, or you'll burn the clutch. The slightest bit of torque makes gear changes more difficult. That said, shift quality/feel varies...due to a number of factors, such as wear patterns (gears, drum, pins, star, linkage), temperature(s), lubrication. Even with everything in optimal working order, these transmissions have an Achilles heel...they don't like to shift while the bike is stationary (bench-shifting is the same). Try moving the bike, in either direction, it only takes a fraction of one wheel should "snick" into neutral, unless something needs serious attention.

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