Stock Nice 110 upgrade?!


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What would be the best bang for the bucks for a stock Honda Nice 110cc?

Race CDI, if so... which?

Camshaft? Takegawa R15?

I want more race feeling than original. More aggressive.

I run it with a Keihin pd22, 16T front sprocket and 31T rear.



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I would change the rear sprocket to a 33 for quicker acceleration. You may need to lose a link or 2 off the chain.
A 31 rear may be too tall to wind out the rpm's enough in 4th gear. A hot cam or race cdi ''worthless'' IMO, won't help a bike that's over geared.


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Optimal gearing is 18/33 or 17/31 on these with 10x4.0 tire. Mjn22 carb. Port it and add a midrange cam. Cdi us a waste.