The laptop from he**

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Remember when it was "Russian disinformation" during the 2020 debates? LOL
When is the NYT gonna have their twitter account suspended for spreading disinformation?



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Politicians are SO corrupt, that I wouldnt be surprised that its the real deal. Why would they raid Juliani's house for the copies?

Funny thing is, there's a strong rumor that Hunter left it on purpose at that computer store......but why would he do that?

I've seen alot of the pics, that have Hunter in them, and it is truly disturbing, not to mention the emails about the "Big Guy" getting his cut on everything.
If this was Trump's son, it would be on the news 24/7. The typical double standard. Even Bill Maher, has been calling them out and said it to their face. Look outside the box and you can tell that somethings not right about all this. What I notice is, what the news isnt telling us when there's obvious questions about what they say.

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I smell trouble for crackhead Biden and oatmeal brain Joe.

I like how Vox is covering for the MSM covering for shit-head in chief and his crackhead son. *sigh*

This is a reference to a controversial “October surprise” that came out just before the 2020 election. Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave those files to the New York Post, and they circulated to other conservative outlets too, resulting in negative stories about Hunter Biden’s business and personal life. Democrats and their allies cried foul, arguing that the materials may have been faked, stolen, or leaked as part of a foreign interference campaign akin to the Russian government’s hacking and leaks of Democratic emails in 2016. The mainstream media generally treated the material with caution — and, perhaps most controversially of all, Twitter and Facebook blocked or restricted links to the Post’s story.
Right. Cuz the MSM is so concerned about truth and facts. Good grief.