These any good?? YX GPX

The Pitster Pros & the Piranhas got the best reviews when I looked into that whole scene, I just wound up buying the Piranha 140 because one website (T-Bolt, I think) said it was their bestselling motor. Hasn't let me down one bit, though I haven't really run it in properly on these rugged AZ trails. MotoDevo can probably tell ya more about the Pitster Pro motors, those boyz Down Under race minis & pit bikes BIG-TIME, their videos are amazing. Watching those videos makes me wish more people were into minis & pit bikes here in the White Mountains, where full-sized dirt bikes and quads are more popular because they're SAFER, LOL. Some of the ruts & rocks on these AZ trails are no joke, they're downright dangerous... :eek:


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I bought a Pitster Pro 140 that lasted 4 miles. Sent it back, they lost the engine for 3 or 4 months and they sent it back with the same 3rd gear clicking... THANKS! I would just buy a Lifan on ebay. Screw Pitster Pro. Cecil agrees. I wasted 375, not the $549+ shipping your ad wants for it. My Lifan now has about 4000 miles on it.


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Heard of issues with the yx and zonga gearboxes quite a few years back (sloppy tollerances) but nothing bad in the last few years. The yx140 is a decent motor these days. That being said, lifan 140s have always been rock solid, but the yx140 feels a little faster (can only go from seat of pants feel)
Though i rode a GPX125 back to back with a yx140 that made the 140 feel SO much slower. I don't know if anyone is importing/selling the gpx125 in the US, punches way above its weight and LOVES to rev, if i had $500aus to spare at the moment, I'd buy one of those


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I really like the pirahna engine I have. Still trying to figure out the lights and trying to keep it all 6v but the engine is sound. Id suggest getting the mikuni vm26 carb as it is much easier to tune than the vm22 and packs a little more power. And i got mone from tbolt... great company imo.