to add to the recent deaths



2 sorry guys cannot post till investigation at electric boat is over all i can say is the guy died instantly getting his head crushed by a huge door he went to open. making a section of submarine to be exposed to rain for 8 hours during an investigation they were not pleased. the guy was a great person and we were all closer than family it sickens me to remember his death but we have to every day we walk by the platform and door. i have to remember it every time i hear thunder, the noise from his accident was as loud as thunder and i thought it was at first.i had a fight with my son and wife that morn. it was tpugh i left immediately to see them and took my son right out of daycare spent the day with him. believe me you work a job like in a shipyard you spend 8 hours a day around them then go home for a small time with family you get to know coworkers and trust them.look it up is all i can say details later. north Kingstown electric boat Quonset point June 1 7:30 am 2009. losing a coworker is tough we are working on a fundraiser for his wife and kids.
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