Touching up Blue paint on Z50A K2????


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Has anyone ever tried to touch up the paint on a Sapphire Blue Z50A. I recently purchased said bike and I feel like it is just nice/presentable enough to not restore and keep original. There are some scratches here and there that I would like to touch up if possible. Is the touch up paint still available from Honda? Any help with this is appreciated. New to the hobby and I can see already very addictive.

Robert thran

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It would be pretty hard in my opinion being the candy sapphire blue has a silver base coat under the blue..every now an then the little pint cans of original Honda colors pop up on eBay but most of the time there dried up and without the silver base under it I don’t think it would look like it was the same..for tiny little chips it might be ok but for larger scratch’s and chips it might look worse? And like I said just my opinion.