Turning Over C100


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I've got what I think is a 1965 C100, I was told the engine was free, but after kicking it over once, the kickstart feels kind of stuck at the top of its stroke. What's a good way to turn over the engine gently, to verify if it's the piston that is stuck, or if I buggered up the kickstart?

I'm confounded by the facts it's an auto clutch, and no electric start.

Thanks in advance.
I don’t know all the specifics on the C100+ line, but the C100 and C102 are essentially the same bike. Both are 3 speeds, but the C100 is kickstart only and the C102 has electric start and kickstart.


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You could try removing the spark plug, and then remove the left side engine cover to access the flywheel. You can then turn the flywheel counterclockwise by hand to see if the piston is stuck or not.


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That's the round cover? I think the magneto is on that end of the crank?

Still trying to get a hold of the manual for the C100, had the manual for the later ones not sure of all the differences.