"Vermont Loophole" closed, or closing?


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They will renew the tabs for one already in the system? What about new registrations?

Robert thran

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Another update,,, I got the registration back for my k-1H from Vermont,,in pic is what they sent me back,,I guess no more tag stickers ,,you have to carry this paper when operating.. it’s a good way to get pulled over when your sticker is out of date!! I blocked the end of the vin for safety reasons being there’s no telling what some people try theses days? Before they would mail you renewal notices now I’m woundering if they’re still going to do that? The good thing is this paper is kinda like a title with the bottom part a transfer of ownership? my green patina ct70H is coming up for renewal next month so I’ll be seeing if they send out renewals or leave it all up to the owner to get it renewed.?


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