WANTED: CT70 Kiehen (HT7A) Carburetor Rebuild Kit


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Hello, looking for a rebuild kit for a Kiehen HT7A carburetor. Does anyone know where I can purchase the rebuild kit? The rebuild kits I've been finding do not include the needle jet holder. Looking for that part specifically but if anyone knows of a rebuild that includes that piece, please let me know.

Here's the Honda part number for the Needle Jet, Holder: 16139-098-670



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I don't think that part, is part of, any rebuild kit. I think you'll be looking for a used part. We usually call that the "emulsion tube".


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@kirrbby Thank you! Thats what I figured. No one seems to have it. However, I found this in another thread:

Any idea if the carburetor on the ST70 is the same as the one I have? It looks like they have the emulsion tube here, but I'm unsure if it will work for my carburetor.

Any info you have is greatly appreciated.