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    First I know only the Moderator will see this, but I've decided it really is boring working on CT's as the Bible of CT's says they HAVE to stock, and you do is try to make them run good cuz they so finicky. I bought 6 of these Predator 212's in 2011 for only $89. each, and love building them as there are many companies like ARCRACING.COM, that make aftermarket parts just like there are for XR50's (which I also loved to trick out too). With CT's there's nothing to do but rebuild them stock and if you don't you do you get railed on for them not being stock anymore, but that's cool as it's nostalgic, but still boring. The difference is I'd never tried to convert my 1964 Chevy Nova LT1 4-speed to the stock 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree. So fun interacting with people on FB 'Predator 212cc' Club and tons and tons of videos on how to do everything to them on YouTube. pred.jpg

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    Nope, they don't have to be stock and many here are modified. Restomods and full-on customs are not only more than welcome here, they're taken seriously as museum quality restorations...when done well. Any well-executed project bike is a substantial commitment, not that different from your example of stuffing a modern LS motor into a Chevy II. Consider all that goes into making that a well-balanced and enjoyable, reliable, machine; it's way more than simply finding a 55 year old Nova and bolting-in a 500hp+ engine.

    The purist stuff will always be relevant; it establishes these bikes as a marque, same with classic/collector cars. And, like those cars that sold in large numbers, once the base/marque is established it becomes a basis for customized versions. Anyone who wants to ride in typical 50mph traffic is going to be changing a lot of parts to do the job properly. Restomods & customs get ridden and can bring decent money, under the right circumstances. I think your frustrations stem from something other than lack of numbers when it comes to replies. The small Honda scene, as it has evolved, has been growing steadily since the later 1990s. There's more info and parts out there now than ever.

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