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Discussion in 'Tech Area' started by Old Guy Too Many Bikes, Apr 28, 2021.

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    A while back I had a CT90 engine that was incomplete and not worth throwing money at to get it running. I couldn't sell it locally for $100, and it costs too much to ship to sell on ebay. So I tore it apart and made 9 parts lots which I sold on ebay and made $200, No big deal. But I just inherited 2 engines, for doing some work, one a pushrod 50, and the other an SL70 (4 speed). Both are complete except for carb and intake. They both have compression and should run without to much effort. My question is, does it pay to get them running and sell even though shipping could be $100, or is it better to part them out. If I had a stock CT70, I'd put the SL motor in it in a minute, but a lot of guys like to keep them original, or else go Chinese if they want a 4 speed with a manual clutch. Just wanted to see what you guys think.
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    I always make the buyer pay shipping. you could always try selling on lilhonda or facebook market place, either place there no listing fee etc.

    what do you want for the sl motor? pictures would be nice also.

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