Z50 monkeybike with a few mods...

Hey, now that I'm full o' heller white corn & BBQ, as well as a small side salad with lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, cucumber, clover sprouts and cottage cheese, primo dressing on top, I just wanna say that one pic made me look as if I had leprous sores or lesions on my face... none of that cr@p is actually happening, it was some trick of the lens or the light, but no worries, I only care enough to state the truth here and nothing more, LOL. Y'all be good, I gots ta chill now and head toward my rack for a long night's sleep. HASTA LUEGO, FRIGGIN' HEE-ROES, TOMORROW'S ANOTHER DAY... AND DON'T EVER FORGET IT!!! :30:


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I was browsing through Sidewinder's photos like I usually do, when one in particular caught my eye for some reason. It had some type of slight movement that I didn't notice at first. Backing up to it, I watched it for a minute, and sure enough something moving in the background and then going away. Click on photo #1 below.
This piqued my interest, so I downloaded the photo and transferred it over to Photoshop for closer inspection. Waiting for the right moment, I captured the background area and enlarged it. It took me quite a while to de-pixelate it and clear it up enough to be recognizable. It's not 100% but it is clear enough to see, click on photo#2 below.

photo #1

photo #2

Now, my question for the Ol' Sidewinder - do you neither confirm nor deny its existence..?...lol
Yes, that's Tommy Chong, he blew past me on the trail riding a FrankenBike with a 160cc motor... then he returned to haunt me as you see him in that pic, or maybe it was the nugs o' chronic I chomped like a cow before setting out on the trail. Anyway, I gotta water the now bone-dry and completely-dead lawn, then get cleaned up and tackle that Hero cam footage... wasn't in the mood to do it yesterday, too busy relaxing and enjoying the holiday weekend. Hopefully I can get some video posted later today. Cheers!!! :red70:
Waal, Boyz, I gots good news & bad news... I'll give ya the bad news first, LOL. Had friends stop by yesterday to shoot pool and par-tay, so the stupid Hero cam editing never got done, it'll hafta wait a day or two since I'm in holiday mode, 10-4? Good news is that I had a blast viewing the parade on the Deuce of Clubs here in Show Low this morning, and I even took cool pics which I already posted at another site (more on that in a moment). The Deuce is one of our main drags, White Mountain Boulevard is the other: they form a "T" with the Deuce as crossbar, Wht. Mtn. Blvd. as the column which stretches 20 miles down through Lakeside and Pinetop. All of our "traffic" is along these main drags, since most commercial activity and businesses are strung out along either road. Anyway, the parade was AWESOME, a full-on slice of Americana as true citizens used to know it... I took a $h!tload of pics too while I was having a good time, talking to a couple who came up from the Valley to escape the heat, aye??? I'm not gonna go to the trouble of posting all those pics here, just visit Truckforum.Org when ya have the time, go to the Off-Topic Forum and click on a thread titled "HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!" My handle at that site is "WideTheF#%Open" since I was banned as the "Railsplitter" after I went off on some lyin' badge-sportin' greaseball... told the douche to STFU and solve the Zahau Murder, y'all can Google "Zahau" and figure that one out, it's the one where the gal was found naked, swingin' from a noose, her hands bound or taped behind her back, and the "authorities" called it a "suicide." :13:
Alright monkeybiking heroes, I FINALLY got that birthday trail ride footage edited, or maybe not so much, LOL. Meh, any REAL MONKEYBIKERS can handle the profanity and abuse, LOL. I wanna add that the punk-@$$ Hero cam makes the deep ruts look pinner: a foot-deep rut looks like a small sand ripple in the dirt, PFFFFFFT. Meh, here we go, I'll hafta post the other half of the ride videos next week, there's a 500 MB limit with these Vimeo jackholes so the rest of the footage will hafta wait, 10-4???

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WTF, where's the last video in this set? Oh, I see, more of that worthless bull$h!t attachment crap that never f#%g works, pffffft. Gee, now I know how OLD CT feels, LOL. More trail riding video in one week, due to the posting limits at that website.
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Wild day on the Mogollon Rim... went for a ride to get closer to nature and caught some dramatic monsoon clouds in the sky, as seen from various points along Rim Road 300. Dodged most of the rain, which seemed to be getting dumped at lower elevations... no lightning either, otherwise I would've turned back pronto, LOL. I'll hafta break the pics into three posts, might as well make 'em all even in numerical terms. I'm tossing in a couple o' pics of the kittehs in my front yard, I'll tack 'em on at the end.











Hmm, the limit has changed, only 10 pics now per post... no worries, I'll just rack 'em up in multiple posts, got some killer sky shots on the way.
4th and final round of pics... that f/u trailer was sitting at the trailhead when I arrived, took some pics of it while I was having a beer and waiting for the FrankenBike to cool down after my ride. Somehow, that funky rubber reminds me of OLD CT, LOL. Damn... wait, those must be TRAINING WHEELS!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :eek:







Looks like the Injuns got the shaft again, LOL. Those last two pics show the little black panthers foolin' around in my front yard... the blasted varmints!!! I swear that little Jingle Belle thinks she's a bird, she spends more time in the trees than she does on the ground, 10-4??? :rolleyes:
Bonus pics of sunset through the tall pines... this Canon cam doesn't pick up as much color as I'd like, but I'm also shooting on the "Auto" setting, so maybe that has something to do with it. Perhaps there's a way to boost the camera's performance, but I can't be bothered with learning how to do it... meh, y'all get the general idea, a good wrap to a fun day of trail riding, with heaps o' beer and leftover BBQ in the fridge, 10-4? Kittehs all safe & sound indoors, no coon or owl bait tonight (let alone coyotes, bobcats and other varmints). Here we go with the sunset pics taken minutes ago:




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Bonus pics of sunset through the tall pines... this Canon cam doesn't pick up as much color as I'd like, but I'm also shooting on the "Auto" setting, so maybe that has something to do with it. Perhaps there's a way to boost the camera's performance, but I can't be bothered with learning how to do it...

Find the "scene" menu and select "vivid"...Canon got this one right, in a big way.


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You sure live in the perfect monkey bike riding location, an amazing part of the world. Very jealous, i am slowly going crazy being stuck in the 'burbs, but you know, job/missus/kids/mortgage and all the other meaningless things that cause stress mean i cant just pull up stumps and dissapear into the wilderness to spend my time building crazy home made murdercycles,tearing up the bush on my bikes and generally being anti social. I
Loving how frankenbike is looking these days, its just my style. Built to be used, with nothing on it that doesn't need to be there. You got the stance just right. What is it a +3 swingarm with 330mm shocks.
Keep up the good work brother, your posts always make me smile/laugh
I used to think the trails in CA were rugged, but these AZ trails can be quite challenging... heaps of ruts & rocks, but the setting here in the White Mountains is very scenic, and there's no crowd to botch the experience. Every now and then I'll see another offroader on the Rim Road or on a spur road, going about his own business... if I meet someone in the field, that person is invariably cool, just out having a good time in the wilderness the same way I am. I even saw a Forest Service truck on the Rim Road yesterday, all I did was wave as I rode past in the opposite direction, and the driver did the same... might have been a maintenance man and not a ranger, I didn't see "Park Ranger" on the truck. No worries, I have a decal and a spark arrestor, and I carry my paperwork with me as required by AZ law... it's in a Zip-Loc bag tucked away in my backpack, and it stays there so I never forget it, LOL. :red70:

The FrankenBike is fully functional, as I intended it to be... it needs the beefed-up components to handle these AZ trails, that's for sure. I ride pretty fast and put the bike through its paces on these trails, it takes a hammering and I keep an eye on things in the field, I don't wanna take another spill like the one I took on the pit bike. I clean the bike after every ride and check everything for wear and tear, plus I tighten all the nuts and bolts that need to be tightened, often going through them all just for my own peace of mind. Better safe than sorry, that's my motto with these little bikes, and even that doesn't always cover every situation: the pit bike was brand-new when I dumped it, everything on it up to speed, I just hit that weird "beveled edge" on the trail, and it happened to be the ONE TIME when I didn't have my leg out like a Vegas hooker to take the turn. :eek:

If I remember correctly, I bought the +1.5 aluminum swingarm, I didn't want too much chain slappin' around back there, and the +1.5 will still let me run a 10" rear wheel, while the extended fork legs will let me run a 12" front wheel when I get around to it. There's still a certain cachet riding on 8" rims, LOL, it takes more skill in my estimation... this from the hand who dumped the bike with larger wheels, aye? Meh, happens to the best of us sooner or later, especially when ya ride all out, throttle wide open whenever possible. I like going fast on my bikes, if I wanted to go slow I'd buy a mobility scooter... and even then I'd probably wind up dropping a hemi in it, LOL. Burning rubber down the block... er, I mean sidewalk, and let all pedestrians beware!!! BTW, those ARE 330mm shocks on the FrankenBike... good eye, mate. I weigh around 200 lbs., and those shocks handle everything I throw their way, whether I'm sitting on the seat or standing on the pegs. :yellow70:

I'm looking forward to some desert & dune riding in the not-too-distant future, using not only those knobbies but also the dune-riding wheels I put together with those Carlisle X-Trac snow-blower tires. Those X-Tracs work pretty well in the dunes, I rode on 'em at Glamis but only had the 72cc Lifan motor at the time... this Piranha 140cc motor should make a nice improvement while riding in the sand. I had to go with the X-Trac tires because I couldn't find a tire company that makes sand paddles for 8" rims: they all start at 9" for quads, 10-4? Can't use the X-Tracs for trail or street riding, they're too soft and they wouldn't hold up, but they DO work well in sand, a fact ya might pass on to other riders Down Under. I really oughta visit the MiniRiders site again, I got caught up in the whole relocation process after me mum passed away, and I had to get my priorities straight. :confused:

Moving to the White Mountains was a conscious choice made after months of web research... ya may recall that the beach house was on the market for several months, and I used every spare moment checking listings and other info in half a dozen states. I looked at OR, UT, CO, NM, AZ, and West TX, but one by one the other states fell by the wayside. Kept coming back to this part of AZ, since properties were cheap, taxes low, demographics good, local economy robust, all the right reasons for me to relocate here. This area was also recommended by Joel Skousen in his book STRATEGIC RELOCATION, so I figured why NOT align my decision with the material in his book. A regular genius, Joel Skousen, his book was worth every penny I paid for it... ironically, not a single library in San Diego County carries his book, which has clearly been blacklisted by globalist trash and their minions. I called every branch too, since I had the time... unbelievable. :cautious:

Well, gotta get goin' here, I'm finishing the interior home rehab before I go back to work for real... tryin' to find a decent lodger as well, someone retired or with a legitimate disability to rent that fourth room in my home. The idea is to have someone around to watch the property while I'm working or out having fun, aye? Someone to hold the fort and keep an eye on the toys I bought... I'm free & clear in an excellent neighborhood, but there are still tweakers & crackerheads out there in the wide world, I reckon it's wise to cover all the bases and have someone reliable and trustworthy to pull additional security, LOL. WTF, why NOT have an extra pair of eyes and ears on duty? I bought some pretty cool toys after I paid cash for my home, and I'd like to keep those toys for my own use, not "donate" them to some thievin' tweaker or crackerhead. Meh, no worries, I have time yet to find the right person, there's still money in the bank, go figure... had I stayed in Cali, I would've gone broke six months ago, LOL. :whistle:

HASTA LUEGO, MOTODEVO & ALL!!! I'LL POST MORE PICS & VIDEOS AS I GO HERE, 10-4??? CHEERS!!! :red70: :yellow70: :red70:


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You definitely have some beautiful ridding area out there. I am a little surprised that you have to have paperwork on that bike when your out in the middle of nowhere, especially in AZ. Are those roads considered public streets? What papers do you have to have?
Bring on the videos!lol. Love the pics too. Thanks for uploading those. Wish I could move out there.
Monsoon rains are a-comin' down... should be good for the grass out under the tall pines. I'm kickin' it now, all windows open so I can hear the rain and feel that cool air flowin' through the house. Kittehs are crashed out in my room, while I'm drinking a cold Coors stubby and watching "ROBINSON CRUSOE" on the curved screen. Dude had it made... I'd be livin' the life of Riley on that island, sailing & fishing all the time, macking seafood, cultivating some crops, distilling coconut liquor & brewing exotic beer. I'm reminded of Tom Hanks in "CASTAWAY"---why the hell would anyone EVER wanna go back to "civilization?" Some people just don't realize how good they have it, LOL. Papillon was a fool, that so-called "Devil's Island" was a tropical paradise, and he wanted to go back to France instead? Pfffffft. Ridiculous. o_O

Anyway, I'm just logging in to tell MotoDevo: you and your family are welcome to visit anytime, should you ever find yourself in a position to travel overseas. I know airfare is steep, but who knows? Ya may score a deal months in advance, and somehow wrangle time off with the wife and kids. Ya make it to Sky Harbor in Phoenix, there's a small airline that flies to Show Low... or you can rent a car, as soon as you're out of the city the drive is quite scenic, whether ya take AZ Highway 87 up to Payson or run US60 through the Salt River Canyon. Once y'all are here, you can save heller hotel fare by crashing at the house, or camping in the yard if ya want, LOL. I own the property free & clear, so nobody can tell me what my guests can or can't do, 10-4? Got a fire ring and a hammock as well as a good tent, LOL. :cool:

No need to worry about bikes, I have two that rip, and two pedal bikes good for town, or for trails where motorbikes are outlawed. And don't forget the boat, it may not be a megayacht but it works well on these mountain lakes. Pool Room and big ol' curved screen for entertainment, though there are many outdoor activities to enjoy during the day. Rodeos and whatnot in season, there's a rodeo tonight in nearby Taylor and I'm trying to decide whether I wanna go. Taylor's about 15 miles from my house, and the road there is a skinny little two-lane highway, not the safest for night driving, aye? Anyway, there's a $h!tload of trails to hike and ride, multiple lakes stocked full o' fish, all kinds of other recreation to be had, one more reason why I chose this area in which to live. There's even a ski & snowboard resort an hour or less away, I intend to visit it this winter and try my hand at snowboarding, which I've never done. :eek:

Just saw your post, CJ, I was busy writing that message to MotoDevo, who is a cool hand, LOL. I believe I first encountered him at the MiniRiders website a few years ago, hard to recall since so much has happened during the past several years. Anyway, I just checked the paperwork, it's the registration for each bike: here in AZ, even if you're only applying for an OHV decal, registration is automatic and the law requires that one carry the actual paperwork as well as the decal when riding offroad. This may be solely for revenue collection purposes, but it also may be due to the following reasons: decal theft, bike theft, and decal damage from rocks, abuse under way, etc. I'm not joking, some of these trails are so darned rocky that it sounds like a percussionist is beatin' on your bike as ya fly down the trail, while much of the surrounding growth is rougher than a cob and will literally scratch up decals, should you find yourself extricating your bike from bushes, scrub, etc. Don't ask me how I know this, LOL.

To be honest with ya, half of the riders I've met on the trail have had no decals whatsoever, which is no real concern of mine, I just wanna be completely "legal" after going through that long ordeal of being falsely charged several times by those goombah tards in Cali. I don't mind paying the modest sums involved if that means staying off cop radar, aye? Especially crooked cop radar, I've dealt with enough of that bull$h!t to last a lifetime. The cops here don't seem anywhere near as corrupt as those in my home town, but I'm not taking any chances, LOL. I keep the Gestapo "PA-PERS!!!" in separate Zip-Loc bags tucked away in an inner pocket of my North Face pack, the one I always use for trail riding because the back pad is thick, and I routinely carry tools, quart water canteen, beers in cooler cups, etc., while I ride. Wallet & cell phone zipped away in another internal pocket, mainly because I don't wanna leave 'em in the car at the deserted trailhead. :red70:


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Hey, Sidewinder, on our way out to North Las Vegas driving a moving truck for my son's relocation from Georgia, we stopped in Holbrook, AZ last Monday. Is that anywhere near you?