Z50 stuck in gear.

Had to fix the shifter star on the z50 and I messed something up along the way putting things back together. Before putting the clutch cover back on I made sure the transmission shifted fine, using the shifter. All checked out until I put everything back together and now it’s stuck in gear. The shifter does go down but not up. I’m thinking the cam plate wasn’t lined up properly but not 100 percent. Anyone have this happen or know where to possibly look. I will obviously have to take the cover back off but I wanted some insight if possible. Thank you in advance.


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Check the position of the shifter arm. It should point directly to the center of the clutch.
Go to the Tech Area. The sticky for the spinner cleaning for the 74K3 will have pics to clarify.
Will check it out, thank you. I actually recall looking at that thread a while back. I did clean the spinner and boy was it gummed up. Probably first time ever done.