Z50A Steering Head Bearings

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    Just wanted to Share !
    Picked this little this Dude up a few weeks ago- Didn't run, Rebuilt the Carb- set the points-new plug and it fired right up on the bench and idled perfect.- Steering Head was very loose and banging over bumps- My Grandson--7 yrs old came over on the 4th and after one look --He had to ride it --So I put Him on it and he rode it most of the day in 2nd gear only, Pulled the Bearings today and Yes they fell out- Replaced the races and installed the caged bearing set from DRATV- worked perfect-- Pay attention to the Lube that I used -- ITS Bullet proof over any Grease on the market- A Moly Based High Pressure Grease that I've used for years in Race Engines and it will outlast any std grease out there-- Just sharing !

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