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Hey kirby idk if you remember me but I had my dad's 69 ct70 k0 and I've look all over trying to find a stronger engine for it do you know any that I can swap in
Hi Jonathan. A 88cc upgrade to your original engine is a VERY common modification. It's not too difficult to do yourself...if you are at all interested in taking it on...we can help.
Otherwise, you could contact a engine builder to install the, 88cc big bore kit for you...or to maybe sell you a complete engine.

The OTHER option is to install a aftermarket engine.
I'll find the link for you...
Here it is.
Can you help me with the connections on the new Rectifier you recommended from DigiKey? It has + - S and S on the new rectifier (4 blade connectdors). I have 3 leads from the old rectifier. Yellow, Pink, and power lead. Guidance?


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i cant get jpeg or pdf photos to load.. says it 's too big. there are less than 3k.
This has been fixed. Thanks.
I need advice/help regarding my restoration of a 1967 cm91. How do i post my questions to all?
Hello Kirby,

I should know this but whatever became of "Bob - RacerX"? I never see him post anything anymore.

Many thanks,

Hey Rick.
Well I don't think anyone really knows what happened to Bob. We haven't seen him here since about November..?
A few of us have tried contacting him thru lilHonda, email, etc...with no response. I wish someone would just let us know, that he's ok.
OK, thanks. I felt like a schlub not asking before now. I couldn't imagine him wandering too far away from Honda minis for very long. Thanks for the response and it sounds like you have already looked pretty hard for him.

Hey Kirrbby,, do you have any idea what those sl70 headlight ears are worth? I’ve had them so long I don’t remember what I paid or how much I paid to get the one set rechromed…honestly I think the rechromed set look better than the nos set…. I know there getting harder and harder to find.. good thing is I have 2 sets of the nos….
kirrbby, just wondering what happened to racerx/??? i haven't seen any of his feedback for awhile
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I second that. What happened to racerx ?
71 CT70/ZN110 72 forks and swingarm, full DC power system no battery. Lot's of Bob from LilHonda advice :)
Hey Kirrbby , called the hydro dipper today but he didn’t answer...I left him a message to call me at his earliest convenience...I’ll keep you posted when he does...
Hey Clayton was just thinking..... how did you get the name Tammy?. It just cracks me up because that’s my exgirl-friends name!! Lol. And I’ve never heard of a dog named Tammy! But it’s a great sister had a dog named Bob.. you got her beat.....Lol.
Lmao!!!! Her proper name is Tamra Jean Seale, her street name is Tammy! Idk my wife says that I name all our pets human names! I guess I just look at my puppy butts as children lol
New to the site. Have a 1977 ct70 that has some acceleration issues. Not sure where to ask the questions
Hello guys I'm's been a while but I'm getting ready start on a ct70 ..K1 ithink
hooter ray
I mean I think it's a K1! Belonged to my neighbor when he was a kid. His sister had the bike just sitting under a shed and let me get it. I've had it a couple of years and now I'm going to start on it. Stay tuned