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    This will go for some serious $$$$$

    Happened to me on the last bike that I sold on ebay. Most people are really nice and are prompt with there payment, but every now and then you get a jerk... Im glad to see that this bike sold for a reasonable price. I agree with Racer though, it is a 74. Even if it was a k0 or k1 I think it...
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    Title in Ohio

    Congratulations! This makes me very excited. I have been convinced for a while now that I would never be able to title any of my bikes.
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    EXPIRED 1970 Emerald Green CT-70H For Sale

    This is a truly beautiful bike. In my opinion your bikes paint, along with Hornets, matches the original color the best. It seems that most peoples CEG bikes come out looking a little bit on the 'mint green' side. Again amazing bike and good luck with the sale!
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    Title in Ohio

    To answer your first question, yes, it is normal for the VIN numbers on the engine and frame to be off up to 200-300 #'s. From what I have read Ohio is one of the hardest states to get a title for these in. Some have success, others dont. Your case is the first that I have ever heard of needing...
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    EXPIRED (CT) 1971 Honda CT70HK0 [ Mod]

    Where are you located? I may be interested. Edit- I just saw that you were in CT. Too far away from me, but good luck on your sale!
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    Stock engine rebuild, parts needed?

    Get a valve lapper and some lapping compound. It smooths out the valve seal to the head and gives you better compression. Check your rocker arms to see is there is any wear on the contact points too. If your engine has high miles you may want to get a new jug as well.
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    LMAO on Craigslist

    I didnt know they even made a color called Blur...
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    Free ct70 frame in indiana!!!

    I found this on craigslist just now. Its too far away for me to pick up, but would like to see someone put it to good use honda ct70 frame free
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    Z50 time machine video

    I have read somewhere that the '75 z50 was one of the rarest produced? Anyone know if this is true?
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    Got Err Done

    Extreamly clean resto you have done there. Low #'s too.
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    VIN Matching

    :yikes: Thats scary close. Did you buy those two bikes from the same person? Those almost had to have come as a pair from the dealership to have VIN #'s so close. Either that or you are a lucky man. The only closer Ive seen is a blue/green HK0 that was on ebay a while back that was only 1 digit...
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    1972 Honda CT70H

    Amazing bike Supchaka. Has it been repainted? It looks like theres residue from where the CT/warning badges were?
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    LOL at this on Craigs

    This isnt even a resto-mod. Its, well.... i dont know what it is. Its ugly as hell thats for sure.
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    HK1's not that rare?

    I understand what your saying RacerX. I think that it might just have something to do with the market around my area also. Even in the past I have not seen many HK0's compared to HK1's (I check multiple sources weekly for new ct70 listings). It baffles me :13:. I guess my area just had weird...
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    HK1's not that rare?

    Im sure all of you know that most consider the HK1 as one of the rarest Ct's ever made (besides a silver tag probably), but lately I have been seeing an unusual amount, some on ebay, but most on craigslist within 100 miles from me. H models dont pop up around here very often and it seems that...