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Honda ST90 Owners Manual
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Honda CT70 Shop Manual Tiedgen
CT70 Honda CT70 Shop Manual 2017-08-05
Official Honda CT70 Shop Manual (1969 - 1982)
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Honda CT70 Parts Catalog Tiedgen
CT70 Honda CT70 Parts Catalog 2017-07-18
Honda Parts Catalog for CT70, CT70H, CT70K1, and CT70HK1
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Honda CT70 Owner's Manual Tiedgen
CT70 Honda CT70 Owner's Manual 2017-07-16
Honda CT70 Owner's Manual
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I have a ST90 that runs very good in general, however lately after running around the yard and up and down the subdivision I head out on a county road for around one mile to two miles and it shuts down . Like it runs out of fuel or floods out just after slowing down . I have 75 micron fuel filters on it ,which seem fine since it runs good before I go long distance , any ideas what is causing this.
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can't get to 50 could be altitude/6800'. Probably at 45.
going to try carb & 42 sprocket. Not use to clutchless shifting seems difficult. could drive me to 125. Or bigger motor but info I have on140 cc (600.00) is it doesn't really just bolt up. was hoping boring out to whatever can be done would be symple op. Still investigating that.
Wish I had a 125 but will work with what I have.
I really dont care who is who anymore. I see them as allllllllllll corrupt. Scratch my back, I scratch yours. They are seperating all of us. I am broken hearted that we are being sperated because of political views.
Looking for parts (used or NOS) for a 1975 XL70 restoration.
- Side Covers
- Rear Grab Bar
- Signal Lights
- Chain Guard
- Clutch and Brake Levers