Any contact with EngineDoctor? He still has my engine...


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Anyone had contact will Gill since 2021? I saw someone else was looking for Gill as well with a similar issue, but could not find the post (may have been on FB). As seen in THIS thread, Gill was rebuilding my H engine. Along with my H engine, he has about $600 in new parts (bigbore kit, etc.) and a rebuilt ST90 carb with a custom bored factory intake I worked on for the project. During 2018 Gill moved back to the east coast, contact was sporadic, he repeatedly apologized and told me he would ship me everything back and I even offered to to pay for shipping, but it never happened. February of 2021 was the last contact I had with him, he sent me a video of the engine and my parts in the tub I supplied him, so they still existed, and said he would get it back to me. Was cleaning the garage today and pulled out the box of parts for this build that have been sitting since 2015 which reminded me to come here and look for him...


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Looks like he has been active recently on instagram.

Might respond to a message there?