My Honda Nice 110/ Honda xrm 110

Here are my 2 Honda engines. on the left is the Honda nice 110 and on the right is the Honda xrm 110 electric start converted to a manual clutch..:monkey:


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Is a XRM engine easier/cheaper to source than a Nice? Is the conversion to manual difficult? Can it be done with all Honda parts? The XRM is from bikes made in/for the Phillipines right. I have some connections there so this could be a way to an affordable Nice equivalent engine for my CT70 project.
Did anyone ever try bolting this up to a CT70? Does it need to be modified?

Looks like the starter will be in the way...?

Would be neat to have another option other than the Nice 110


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Looks like mounts are a match. The starter takes up alot of the carb's real estate. Probably would have to run a reverse manifold or a severe offset.
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