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I cant see it ever being street legal. With a ct70 you know that at 45 m/ph your bike wont colapse from under you, with the baja it wouldnt doubt it.........................and 45m/ph hurts.

ct= :red70:

baja= :20:


yes there is a vin LUAHPF60201*****6 Baja motorsport will sent me a title. Canadian tire was supposed to have one but now they cant find it. I request one from Baja.

Well, VDXO you are the only one here that actualy owns this bike. I saw your videos and how you put on a new chain and swingarm (Thanks).

How many miles have you put onthat thing?

Seeing that you are the only person on this board who has experience with this clone, why dont you give us a report every 500miles.

You also might want to call the MTO (where in ontario you live?) and see if it can be plated.

Other than the swingarma and chain, how is everything else on the bike? transmission?

I'd be interested in your review:39:


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I only have probability only 20 miles on it now. I am still waiting for the title but I do plan to get a plate on it, I will try to get a road plate for it. This is my 3 Hensim engine. I have a 72cc and a 110cc also. The 72cc was giving to me it had bad ring in it I replace ring, piston, piston pin, clip, and gasket. The 110cc got on it 1200 km of hard road driving the compression seam to go down. The 72cc and 110 cc shift very nice but I am very careful with them when I shift. The 86 cc is a bit hard to shift but still under the brake in, I do brake in my engines by driving them hard for the first 20-30 miles but I try not to exceed 7500 RPM. I am impress so far it dose ride ruff. I also replace the gas tank with a plastic one, I plan to change the front fender and tires, I also plan to install a rev limiter and a 12V battery. The 500 miles report will take a while I have a lot of project. Any way you can check some of my bike collection I do have more since this movie.

some of my bike collection
YouTube - CT70 collection


I'm not sure about road plate rules out east, but I know in Ontario you wont be plating this bike. It has no signals or instrument cluster. I'm sure it wont be in the MTO system.

The other issue is insurance, even a road legal z50 with title can technically be plated in Ontario, but absolutely nobody to my knowledge will insure it. I phone multiple companies and had no luck.

I would steer clear of this bike if you need a street legal bike, you might just end up with a paper work mess.

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You certainly cannot plate this bike, it wont have a VIN tag

that said, for $1000 you can get a nice genuine CT that is worthy of being plated and will last a lot longer than the POS
I own one and it is still in near perfect condition to this day and it DOES have a vin number.All you people who have never seen much less ridden the bike in person should keep their ignorant opinions to themselves.How could you tell if its a "P.O.S." from a picture,you cant.I have not tried to plate it but im sure with the right mods it could be made street legal. Just because you have a Honda doesn't make all reproductions junk. The build quality isn't perfect but its definitely not a P.O.S. its decent.


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Not sure what answers you expect, your responding to a 13 year old thread,with people who have not even been active for years.