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  1. Donald_50
    Donald_50 racerx
    Hello Bob...
    "Racer X"
    How do I "Call" or get in touch with "TJR-Germany regarding a "Honda N.I.C.E.
    Do I go through you??

    Cheers, Donald
  2. placek59
    placek59 kawahonda
    How much would you want for the K0 bars if you decide to sell them? Are they really nice? Let me know please
  3. JRivera
    Have a honda grom big bore kit. Wondering about this oil coming out a little bit. Should I use a catch can?
  4. Donald_50
    Donald_50 racerx
    I was unaware that I can Only post 420 characterises?!?
  5. Donald_50
    Donald_50 racerx
    2014 Grom Ohlins front end with 12 inch Tyres & Wheels & Disc Brakes!

    YES...I am open for "Suggestions/Corrections"!?!

    Cheers, Donald
    P.S. (Finally, a few of Jamie...HymieP parts will be put too work)!
  6. Donald_50
    Donald_50 racerx
    What about "Ported & Polished Head"? Bigger valves? And which cam?
    I believe I wanna make "Horsepower"... I believe $2750.00 to $4,250.00 (U.S. Dollars)!
    I am 5ft. 10inches...200lbs.
    Cruise & Commuter bike...
    I have 12inch Grom Tyres & Wheels...
    "G'Craft Aluminum Swing Arm (+2cm)!
    "Ohlins...Macho Rear Shocks...Disc Brakes...for the Rear!
  7. Donald_50
    Donald_50 racerx
    Hello RacerX,
    I finally got some money together...
    I would like too purchase a "Honda NICE 110"...
    I believe I would like to go with a "154cc" (I believe I read that is what you have)?!?

    Do I go On-Line with PJR out of Germany?
    I like the side cover with the "Mini Oil Filter"!
    And on the other side...I want the "65 Amp Stator" that is offered
  8. Mike_
    Please make me an offer.
  9. Mike_
    Hi Roy! Not boarded out just redid stock. New pistpoin rings, valves and springs, Gears, shifter, cam chain and a few more things,
  10. Roy Chambers
    Roy Chambers Mike_
    About how much are you looking for on the Engine ? Was it Bored out or just re ringed.
    And what State would it be coming from ? incase I can drive and pick up?
    Thanks Roy.
  11. zfleming
    New project bike
  12. spencer2986
    spencer2986 Gary hughes
    Welcome to the forum. Where you located by chance?
  13. Adam26
    Adam26 racerx
    Hey racerx
    I got a 2003 Rupp Scrambler trail 90 and I need some parts for it.
    I think I read somewhere you had collected some parts or bikes maybe from that time ? Any chance you can help me ?

  14. Mazdafish
    New to the site, and finishing my first CT70 build
  15. airblazer
    airblazer Enginedoctor
    Are you back in Park City for the winter?
  16. Diceman9
    Diceman9 b52bombardier1
    I see that you had some advise on rebuilding the forks on a ST90. I am about to start the rebuild. I have the seals. I've never done this before. Do you happen to have something with instruction to do the rebuild? Thanks in advance.....Kent
  17. twebb10
    1971 Honda CT70H2006 Ducati Multistrada 1000s DS, 1978 Vespa P125X
  18. Itzmemunchie
    ISO 1981 CT70 top bridge
  19. Dakotaborn
    Dakotaborn darrel gunderson
    I have build a few motorcycle motors and some two stroke scooter motors. This is my first small Honda motor build. Like all other builds, my advice is take your time and look for good documentation
    1. darrel gunderson
      darrel gunderson
      I build and have built CT70 and Z50 engines now for about 12 years. I have done about 100 or so including alot of 108 builds.
      Aug 20, 2018
  20. jason Bernardeau
    jason Bernardeau darrel gunderson
    Hi my name Jason, I was wondering if you are rebuilding ct70 motors still. I'm getting ready to do mine, and read some post about some of the motors you have done. I'm looking at 88cc kit. So if you can help please let me know.

    510 673-4059
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