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  1. Beretta
    Beretta racerx
    Dow do I make a donation without Pay Pal ?
  2. David Maple
    David Maple
    Anyone have a suggestion on what would be the best replacement carb. For a stock 1970 ct70?
  3. Sandra
    Sandra Gary C Schroeder
    Mine had Bridgestone Trailwings but they no longer make them (for Canada at least) probably your best bet is Kenda tires (make sure any tires you do get are DOT if you plan to ride on the road as most MX are not
  4. farm dog
    farm dog Robert thran
    HI where is this dipper located ? Thanks
    1. Robert thran
      Robert thran
      Orange park Florida
      Aug 8, 2020
  5. Jason Landry
    Jason Landry Robert thran
    Hi Robert. Would you mind emailing me details not he SL70 parts you have? Thanks,
  6. Gary C Schroeder
    Gary C Schroeder
    Anybody know where you can new get 3.00-14 tires for 1975 ST90? By chance would you know the OEM brand??
  7. David Maple
    David Maple
    I hear a ticking when I crank it. I am fairly certain I have the valve timing right. I have spark. Plug smells of gas. Don't get it
  8. David Maple
    David Maple
    New head and piston installed. Went together no problem. However it won't start.
  9. David Maple
    David Maple
    Thank you the reply!
  10. David Maple
    David Maple
    Does anyone know where to buy the best ct70 engine top end parts
    1. kirrbby
      Hi David Maple.
      The best is certainly a matter of opinion. Some might say Takegawa, or Kitaco parts are the best. They are certainly expensive. But many of us like or for very nice quality at very reasonable prices.

      BTW, you've posted this question on your own profile page. You might want to start a thread in the CT70 forum :)
      Welcome to lilHonda.
      Jul 9, 2020
    2. kirrbby
  11. paul C
    paul C kirrbby
    Hello Kirby. Thanks for your time and kind offer to help me look for my new project. My phone number is 810 602 9843 . I would like to see what you have that is available. Please give me a call when you are available to talk and take a visitor.
    Thanks again for your help

  12. Wisco1
    Hey! I have a '74 xl70 and im not getting a spark from the spark plug, I filed the points but still nothing, what should I try next??
  13. Vulcan64
    Currently restoring a 1970 Honda CT70H. New to the Lil'Honda family.
  14. Rod_CL-70
    Hello.... Need parts for 1970 Honda CL-70! If you have anything please let me know.
  15. Joshua McQueen
    Joshua McQueen Grant's trail
    Grant, what's up?? You still alive on this forum?
  16. Robert Rantucci
    Robert Rantucci
    How do yo post a pic?.
  17. Robert Rantucci
    Robert Rantucci
    Hello new to the website......1980 ct70 DAX.... Canadian model all original runs well but want to clean it up and could use help
  18. Judson Perkinson
    Judson Perkinson
    1973 Honda st90
  19. Stephanie Coymat
    Stephanie Coymat
    I’m looking for a z50r 1984 Exhaust anyone ?
  20. robert hawk
    robert hawk scooter
    Hi Scooter! I am doing a professional restoration on my late fathers 1969 honda ct70 silver tag serial # 100969. I am wondering if you still do rear shock rebuiids? Really want to end this build the right way........hoping you can help with the shocks.......Thanks!
    1. scooter
      Robert I started a conversation with you you should see it in an inbox
      Jan 26, 2020