Does anyone believe the world ends in 2012?


lol good filter i need that one. as for the god thing not trying to shove the religgious thing down peoples throats i just view from every angle. personally fear tactics truth be told like you said. they get ridiculous. someone tellls people they question it they get consecquences they listen someone says they do as told they do you think parenting works? lol:usa2:im so proud of our fearfull
One of the theories I saw at You Tube not long ago was there is gonna be a pole shift and thats suppose to be the reason for all the weather changes with the ice melting away at the poles and wild temperature changes, The earth is prepairing for a pole shift. There have been pole shifts before, so it is possible for another one. It would only mean the end of the world for us not the planet. What they claim will happen during a pole shift is that right before the pole shift the earth will stop rotating but the atmosphere doesn't stop and that is suppose to be what what kills us off.:D:yellow70:


AHAHAHAHAHA I've heard of these pole shifts also. Simple math will make it obvious that a polar shift occurs very slowly (over hundreds of millions of years) Just as our day changes length as the distance from the moon and earth changes (again over hundreds of millions of years)

The idea that the earth will suddently reverse its rotational direction instantaneosly is quite hilarious, even to the point of knowing in 2012 this will happen.

There are always people who are trying to sell books, whether it involves UFOs or Elvis still being alive, or the Y2k problem, or the idea of you going to hell for being human. Unfortunately there are always suckers who buy into these ideas and keep them getting even crazier.

The truth behind these end of days theories is usually religiously placed, within the expected lifetime (at that time) to scare people into joining the religion or being lost forever at the end of the world. We always here the phrase "we are in the last times" yet time seems to continue. To say we are in the last times, one would have to know when the last day is.

Intelligent people always question what they are told, and why that person is saying what they are saying.