No voltage to Low Beam Headlight

Discussion in 'General' started by whereshaldo, May 7, 2018.

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    I've got an odd issue in that the low beam headlight is not working and used to work just fine. Bulb is not burned out and so I'm at a loss as to what would lead to this other than a switch failure or a broken wire. Am I missing something? It seems like power comes in to the switch on the Common Yellow wire and then either runs to Blue (hi beams) or White (low beams).

    Is it really that simple? If so, I'll pull off the handlebars and make sure there is continuity on the white wire from the switch to the headlight

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    You are correct, the yellow lead feeds AC to the dimmer switch...via the key switch. What happens when you swap the blue & white leads...i.e. connecting B-to-W & W-to-B?

    The fact that you're getting power to the high beam pretty well eliminates anything upstream of the handlebars as the problem. In my experience, dimmer switch failures have been rare. That doesn't leave much for you to check...and all of it is easily accessible.

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